Olivier de Vried

PhD candidate

Research Interests

Sometimes we look back on an event that at the time didn’t seem noteworthy, but perhaps in light of new information or by association with subsequent events has become a cherished or painful memory. It is something we all already know: events that are initially experienced and encoded into memory as emotionally neutral can over time acquire an emotional dimension. Conversely, the emotional charge of a joyful or tragic event may fade away. My research is focused on the conditions under which memories change in terms of their emotional expression, and the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie such change.


I obtained a B.Sc. in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam, which included an exchange at the University of Hong Kong where I followed courses in philosophy and astrophysics. For my M.Sc. degree, I studied computational cognitive science at the University of Edinburgh, graduating on the topic of Bayesian models of musical rhythm perception.

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