Lotte Stemerding

PhD candidate

Research Interests

In a broad sense, I am interested in how our memories shape and affect our behaviour, decisions, and mental health. Related to this, I am also interested in the possibilities of updating those memories through memory reconsolidation. In my current research, I am looking at the role of prediction error in memory reactivation, where my aim is to understand, measure and potentially predict the prediction error necessary to allow for updating of the memory. Next to this, I am currently learning more about (Bayesian) modelling and its applications in reinforcement learning and conditioning.


Previously, I completed a bachelor degree in liberal arts and sciences at the Amsterdam University College (2015, cum laude), where I majored in human biology, but also took various courses in different disciplines. After, I moved to London to start an MSc programme in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, which I completed in 2017 (distinction). For my thesis project, I conducted research at the UCL clinical psychopharmacology unit, where I looked at the potential use of memory updating through reconsolidation for the treatment of alcohol addiction.

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